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Suranjali School of Music

image Suranjali School of Music is a school of Hindustani Classical Music in the Bay Area in Northern California.

Indian Classical Music has two different styles: the Hindustani style and the Carnatic style. It is a very rich Music tradition. It has its origin in the Samaveda (सामवेद). Sama is from the Sanskrit root “Saam”, which means, “to be on the level, in unison”. The other meaning of the “Saam” is simply “a song”.

Music has two important aspects – its theoretical and its practical presentation. Suranjali School of Music focuses on both aspects. Music is a difficult art form. It requires patience, dedication and understanding. To help its students to understand this art form, it organizes workshops and Lecture-demonstration by knowledgeable artists.

At Suranjali School of Music, the students are taught the Khayal form of Hindustani Classical Music.

Besides that they are also taught devotional songs, songs which has its association with different festivals in India. Indian Music is religious in many ways in its themes and developments. So, to develop an appreciation for this art form, it requires some background knowledge of country’s faith. Through devotional songs and regional songs, Suranjali School of Music provides the students an understanding of musical association with the culture.

Following are the activities that are held each year

  • Students annual performance
  • Yearly exam
  • Emphasis on swar and alamkar practice
  • To make it interesting – sargam-geet are composed in different Raags.
  • Specially for younger students – to keep up the interest different avenues are used.

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“Do you know what true Music is? To a Musician, Music should be the Supreme Deity who will be worshipped with the eagerness of an undivided mind and tears shall be his ritual ingredients” — Allauddin Khansahib